When you can’t be there in physical form…

With the realities of our new world, communicating with your clients, partners, employees, and fans in a unique and more immersive way has never been more important.

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Portable Volumetric Production

In the event you just might not be ready to purchase and license your own stage, especially in the midst of a global pandemic, Evercoast has you covered.

We Come To You

We fly, drive, or train to the talent. This could mean their home, a nearby studio space, small hotel ballroom, or other location suitable for the shoot.

Small Crew

We use a very small crew (2-3 people) and follow diligent procedures and extensive precautions to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Your Creative Direction

You bring the creative, a director and any associated crew, and we collaborate with you on best practices and limitations to create the optimal content.

Recorded Capture

Record hours of full-body, 360 volumetric capture that can be post-processed for VOD streaming and embedding in your own AR, VR or 2D immersive experience.

Live Streaming

Live stream, real-time volumetric broadcast to a remote audience (requires solid internet connection at capture location) with low latency.

Add Visual Effects

Augment the experience with your own VFX and creative elements using post-production workflows and real-time streaming to the game engine.

End-to-End Solution

Evercoast provides everything required to execute a volumetric production anywhere in the world.


01. Stage Rental

Evercoast provides a completely turnkey solution for portable volumetric production. Some call theirs portable. Ours truly is. It’s the difference between shipping on pallets or in a truck vs. luggage on a plane.

  • setup and all equipment
  • operation / crew
  • audio-in
  • green, lights, and grip
  • physical space not included
  • travel not included

02. Rendering

Evercoast handles all aspects of the capture and rendering process to enable both a live broadcast and a recorded capture with offline rendering for VOD streaming at a later date.

We charge per minute of rendered content. You can typically do as many takes as you’d like and that we accommodate storage for, and we charge for what’s rendered and delivered to you.


03. Streaming

We can deliver a comprehensive solution for a volumetric live stream broadcast from just about anywhere in the world, captured with Mavericks and streamed over WebRTC and HTTP via Cloudbreak to end users in full 3D.

Good internet speeds are required on both ends, but Evercoast has built a compression and streaming platform that enables streaming volumetric data with very low-latency.

Contact us for more about capabilities, requirements, and pricing.


04. Management

Evercoast provides dedicated resources to your production and associated project deliverables to ensure a completely smooth and efficient operation.

  • dedicated project management throughout
  • expedited and prioritized resources
  • engineering support