3D Digital Humans for the Metaverse

Evercoast provides industry leading capture, rendering, and streaming of high-quality, cost-effective 3D volumetric video for use in virtual production, mobile augmented reality, virtual reality, and the growing metaverse


Evercoast Volumetric In Action

Our end-to-end platform for capturing and streaming volumetric video is being used to deliver everything from immersive enterprise applications to iconic moments in 3D history

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Evercoast has provided our volumetric capture systems to a wide range of companies across the world


Build Your Own Studio

Evercoast offers a completely turnkey solution for building your own volumetric capture studio, enabling a range of setups for full-body 360 stages that can fit inside a conference room.

Starting at $39,000

Production Services

Evercoast offers volumetric production services at our studio in Brooklyn, NY, at partner studios in Los Angeles, CA and Miami, FL, or anywhere else in the world with a completely portable pack that can fit in a car or on a flight.

Starting at only $7,500.


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