High-Quality, Cost-Effective Volumetric Capture

Industry leading capture, rendering, and streaming by Evercoast

Streaming 3D Holograms

Our communication is evolving from 2D to 3D and volumetric technologies are at the forefront of that transition.

Evercoast is the world's first holographic one-to-many communication platform.

Remote Presence

Evercoast delivers an integrated software and cloud rendering platform that streams real-time live broadcast and on-demand pre-recorded holograms.

  • Telepresence

  • Live Events and Festivals

  • Virtual Conferences

  • Training & Simulation

Virtual Education

3D holograms are the future of training and distance-learning, providing a far more immersive educational experience.


Quality Volumetric, Made Easy

Evercoast offers a comprehensive, turnkey solution for volumetric content, enabling a wide range of setups for everything from face captures at home to full body 360 stages.

Live Streaming

One-to-many volumetric broadcasts with bandwidth-adaptive quality and view-dependent streaming.

High Resolution VOD

High-quality textured meshes with strong geometric fidelity, and advanced multi-resolution decimation.

Fast & Automated

Our software stack is completely automated, super fast, and easy to use with beautiful interfaces end-to-end.

Truly Portable

Some call theirs portable. Ours truly is. It's the difference between shipping on pallets vs. luggage on a plane.

Highly Configurable

From studio build-outs to conference rooms to face capture systems at home, our system is easily configurable.

Cost & Space Friendly

Democratizing volumetric content using disruptive economics, with cost-effective and space friendly solutions.


Mavericks 2.0 volumetric capture and streaming server software

Capture Kits

All the hardware you need for quality volumetric content

Cloud / Edge

Cloud and edge volumetric rendering and streaming platform

Developer Tools

Network API with web and game engine tools for custom apps

Limited Production

Evercoast’s studio in Brooklyn is open for productions on a limited basis. Additionally, we can send a small, highly trained crew with a rig to shoot anywhere in the world there’s power and light.


Production during the Coronavirus outbreak certainly requires an extra level of care and accommodation. But it’s doable, and we’re ready.

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Mavericks 2.0

The most powerful and user friendly volumetric capture software available. Plug in your depth cameras and start streaming and recording volumetric content in minutes.

Real-Time 3D Streaming

Full Motion Video and Static Scanning

RealSense™ and Azure Kinect™

Streaming Server and API

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Evercoast's powerful, fast, high-resolution volumetric rendering in the cloud. Fully-automated, easy-to-use web interface to launch renders using farms of servers in the cloud. Crunch through pipeline jobs.

Evercoast Cloudbreak on AWS offers the highest level of scalability with endless compute power, storage, and bandwidth to render captured content in minutes.

Cloudbreak offers pay-as-you-go rates as well as block pricing, and is priced low to enable creativity and iteration with volumetric content while providing an advanced post-processing 3D pipeline that generates high-quality renders.

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Evercoast Cloudbreak Edge enables network operators, data center providers, and companies with in-house server farms to run Evercoast’s volumetric rendering pipeline for internal use or as a service. Edge computing can also enable real-time rendering and the use of micro compute devices on-prem.

Cloudbreak Edge offers reduced pricing, passing on the savings from eliminating public cloud fees so you can leverage existing capital investments.

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Volumetric Capture Kits

Completely turnkey kits that include all the cameras, compute, cables, mounts and other off-the-shelf hardware to build a performant volumetric capture system anywhere.

Enabling 3D Across Industries

Every industry will experience a revolutionary shift to 3D content and communications. Evercoast is fundamental to that transition.

Telepresence & Real-Time

Holographic telepresence, the future of our communications interface in 3D

Entertainment & Sports

Film, brand engagement, hang with your idol, and analyze your golf swing in 3D

Training & Simulation

Simulate the real world and train people more effectively with volumetric

Health & Medicine

From telemedicine to meditation, 3D content will empower immersive health

Retail & Commerce

Enhancing purchasing decisions from the dressing room to a catalog of objects

Logistics & Manufacturing

Measurements, defect analysis, and differencing in logistics and the factory

Security & Monitoring

Ditch the 2D fish-eye cameras and upgrade to a fully 3D security system

Whatever You Can Dream…

Democratized 3D capture and rendering is enabling a broad range of use cases

Unlocking the creation of volumetric content for everyone, anywhere.



Capture and stream high quality volumetric video of a “head sized” area, perfect for a face capture, influencers, telepresence, and more!

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Full Stage

The ultimate system for full body 360 high quality volumetric capture and streaming, ideal for studio and room-sized installations.

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Half Body

Fewer cameras for partial body or a sparse full body configuration. Ideal for smaller rooms and applications that don’t require full body 360.

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